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What is Eramsus+?

Erasmus+ is a transformative EU initiative designed to open doors for individuals eager to gain work, study, or training experiences abroad. This program isn’t just for students; it’s a golden chance for anyone looking to expand their horizons, learn in diverse cultural settings, and build a global network. Embrace the opportunity to immerse yourself in new cultures, enhance your skills, and connect with people from all corners of the globe.


Are you prepared to embark on an unforgettable adventure? Check out our projects and apply today!

Upcoming Projects

Gimigliano, Italy


24-31. July
EU Food Traditions

Gimigliano, Italy

The "EU Food Traditions" project aims to introduce young people to the culture of food and traditional meals from different European countries, both for intercultural learning, communication and motivation for a healthy lifestyle. The Youth Exchange will offer participants the opportunity to experience and explore other cultures and traditions through food and healthy eating. The main objective is to stimulate young people to reflect and make it possible to compare with their peers from other cultures on food and different culinary traditions, both from a cultural and health point of view, making food itself the main 'tool' facilitating other cultures and discussing diversity.

Tykocin, Poland


30th June -7th. July

Tykocin, Poland

Young people often feel social pressure to achieve professional success at a young age. They may spend more time and energy on work at the expense of their personal lives and other passions. An imbalance between career and other areas of life can lead to professional burnout and loss of satisfaction. In addition, young people, after many years of stress in school and college, don't know how to spend their time in ways that can actually help relieve stress. We want young people to learn together how to cope with stress, discover new passions, but also develop competencies to cultivate work-life balance like assertiveness, time management and working under stress.

Postojna, Slovenia


16th - 22nd September
Make a path

Postojna, Slovenia

This Youth Exchange is part of a KA2 project, which focuses on assisting young immigrants and their families to better integrate into their new environments. During the mobility an informative brochure will be produced, offering essential information for immigrants, including details on residence registration, enrollment in education, accessing financial aid, language learning opportunities, and finding healthcare providers. Additionally, the brochure will provide young immigrants with information on social activities, support networks, and resources to help them connect and integrate into their new communities.

Island of Elba, Italy


26th - 31st August
Spot the hoax

Island of Elba, Italy

The project aims to engage European youth in comparative discussions on national situations, emphasizing commonalities at the European level. Through workshops and expert consultations, we seek to equip participants with skills to recognize and combat fake news. By addressing the critical need for accurate information, we aim to foster improved communication and societal resilience against misinformation, particularly among students and young professionals preparing for an increasingly technology-driven future.

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How does it work?

As a general rule, we cover all your expenses related to your participation in all Erasmus+ projects. That means we pay for your travel, accommodation, meals, and any other study materials. However, most of the time you need to book your flights yourself and we will reimburse you right after the project finishes. This works as a guarantee for us that you will actively participate in the project.


The hosting organization will provide you with a reasonable place to live during the project. Usually, you will stay in double or triple rooms which have a private bathroom and shower.

Typically, you can check-in earliest at 13:00 on the arrival day. For departure, you need to check-out latest by 11:00 on the departure day.


Important: if you plan to arrive earlier than the project start date or leave after the project end date, you need to arrange accommodation and meals by yourself. Also, make sure you don’t spend more than 2-3 extra days outside the dates of the project. If in doubt, please contact your project leader or the hosting organization


You will be provided with three meals every day, plus two coffee breaks in between.


In case you require a special diet (e.g. vegetarian) or have allergies, please inform your group leader or the hosting organization at least one month in advance before the project start date.

Plan ahead

Look around before booking your flights to find the best deals. Check your baggage allowance before packing.

Also, remember to bring a few Danish snacks/drinks with you for the Intercultural Evening. Let the others get a bite of Danish culture & food! Feel free to choose from lakrids, cookies, marcipan, snaps, or anything else that you think it’s representative of Denmark.

Taking the train will reduce your carbon footprint and Europe has a comprehensive rail network. For information on rail passes covering travel in up to 20 countries, have a look at the Eurail website.

If you decide to travel by your own car to the project (not recommended), check that it is properly insured. Regulations and requirements vary between countries


  • Make sure you have enough money to cover emergencies and any unexpected delays.
  • Ensure you have more than one means of payment with you (cash, debit card, credit card).
  • Carry a copy of your passport or other photographic ID which confirms your nationality at all times.
  • Take out medical and/or travel insurance before you travel.
  • Stay in touch with us and make sure you have our contact details with you. Please get in touch with us for advice and support if you experience any disruption to your travel and accommodation arrangements.
  • If you are abroad and need emergency help, please contact the nearest Danish embassy, consulate or high commission, or your own embassy if you’re not a Danish citizen.