Previous Eramus+ Projects

Check out our previous Erasmus+ projects and get inspired for your next adventure!

We take pride in sharing the incredible journeys of participants who have embarked on unforgettable adventures of learning and fun across Europe. Our archive is a testament to the variety and richness of opportunities that Erasmus+ offers, featuring an array of past projects that span meetings, seminars, youth exchanges, and collaborative efforts. These initiatives have not only sparked a passion for exploration among participants but have also cultivated enduring connections and friendships. Dive into our collection and let the stories of adventure, discovery, and unity inspire your own path of learning and exploration. Join us as we continue to build bridges and expand horizons through the power of Erasmus+ programs.

Leadership | Training Course

Bucharest, Romania
January, 2024

We were delighted to embark on an enriching journey with the “BeTheFutureLeader” training course, an initiative underpinned by the support of the Erasmus+ program🇪🇺. This course was a crucible of innovation, where participants dove deep into the latest leadership strategies 🔍, embraced global connections 🌍, and engaged in cultural exchanges that enriched their perspectives and skill sets 🤝. The experience not only broadened horizons but also equipped participants with the tools to inspire change and lead with impact in their communitie.

Group picture
Aarhus, Denmark
December, 2023

We were proud to launch the “Happy Me Healthy Planet” project, an Erasmus+ KA2 partnership focused on well-being and environmental sustainability. This initiative brought together partners from Madeira 🇵🇹, Croatia 🇭🇷, and Romania 🇷🇴, uniting them in a mission to foster eco-friendly attitudes and practical sustainability knowledge among Europe’s youth. 🇪🇺 Our kick-off meeting, filled with enthusiasm and determination, marked the beginning of an endeavor to cultivate compassionate youth leaders dedicated to taking care of our planet 🌎♻️.

Make a Path | Training Course

Stratónion, Greece
September, 2023

The “Make a Path” project is designed to empower youth workers and educators across Europe, offering innovative methods to support the integration of young immigrants. 🌍 In the beautiful setting of Greece, participants worked together to create a more inclusive environment for newcomers, enhancing their ability to feel at home in new communities. 🇬🇷 “Make a Path” stands as a testament to the power of collaboration and education in building bridges and fostering a welcoming world for all.

Team with The Nordic Crew Flag
Aarhus, Denmark
July, 2023

We are thrilled to announce the exciting kick-off of our new KA2 Erasmus+ project @bethefutureleader, which revolves around the theme of leadership🙋👀. Teaming up with our partners @actoclock and @europeyou, we are embarking on a journey of knowledge exchange and collaboration between Scandinavian, Mediterranean, and Balkan countries 🇩🇰 🇷🇴 🇪🇸. Throughout this project, we aim to share and promote good practices linked to leadership, fostering cross-cultural learning and understanding. 

G.a.D. | Youth exchange

Borgo Incoronata, Italy
July, 2023

Our participants had an incredible journey during the ERASMUS+ Youth Exchange in Borgo Incoronata, Italy, from July 9 to July 16, 2023, under the “Gathering together Against Discriminations” project (G.A.D.). 🇮🇹

The project aim was to promote positive social values through the beautiful mediums of music and arts. 🎵 Throughout the exchange, they worked together with participants from Spain, Italy, Romania, and Poland, spreading good practices to ensure the message of fighting discrimination resonates far and wide. 


Social Detox | Youth Exchange

July, 2023

We’re excited to showcase the unforgettable moments from our youth exchange that took place in Italy, centered on the theme of Social Detox!📱 This project aimed to tackle social media addiction in young people, empowering them with critical thinking about technology. 🌐 Through captivating workshops, discussions, and collaborative activities, we delved into the realms of self-care, mindfulness, and the significance of balance in our lives. 🌈🙌🌍🤝 Moreover, this exchange fostered mutual understanding and forged lasting connections that transcend borders.

KA2 Make a Path | Study visit

Aarhus, Denmark
May, 2023

We organized a study visit in Aarhus in May 2023, focused on the topic of immigration and best practices in Denmark. 🇩🇰

We had teachers, educators, and youth workers coming from Portugal 🇵🇹, Greece 🇬🇷, Finland 🇫🇮, and Slovenia 🇸🇮 and together we shared valuable knowledge, experience and good practices within the framework of the KA2 project @make_a_path_erasmus financed by the Erasmus+ programme. 🇪🇺👏😍🔥